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These five mobile apps will ensure you are safe while travelling

Nov 13, 2019, 08:35 IST
Business Insider India

  • Indian cities are the most prone to road rage and other ills — with Delhi holding the dubious crown for road accident deaths.
  • Crime against women is yet another concern which calls for the need to have the right tools for safety during travel.
Cities have turned virtual death traps for many-- with road rage, accidents, eve teasing, and much more. However, there are a few apps and tools that can help people stay relatively safe while travelling.

Most travel safety apps come with emergency alerts and contacts to ensure safety and quicker location access.

Mobile applications let the user stay in touch with their family and friends in case of an emergency with a tap of a few buttons.

Here are the five apps that will add security to your daily travel.


bSafe ensures safety real-time. The app sends live videos and audios to a user’s emergency contacts as soon as the app is activated through a voice alarm.

The app lets the user divide an SOS code or activation phrase to start sending the alerts. This will enable your GPS location, giving access to emergency contacts. It allows the contacts to view real-time videos for up to 5 minutes. They can see and hear everything that’s happening via your phone’s camera and microphone for up to five minutes.

However, it needs internet connectivity to send alerts.


This app allows the user to report any illegal activity or criminal offense anonymously — from stolen items to calling the cops in real-time.

That means a user can report a criminal activity that is happening in a particular area.

It facilitates the user with eLakshmanRekha — a security surrounding for women. It allows live tracking, SOS alerts and emergency calls.

Eyewatch SOS for women

The Eyewatch SOS for Women app sends out alerts with audio and visuals along with accurate location of the user. Also, after the user reaches a safe zone, the app enables user with ‘I am Safe’ button which passes on the information to emergency contacts.


It provides real-time location access to family members and friends allowing them to share their locations in a personal group and communicate.

It sends real time alerts to the group on leaving time, reaching time and sends a panic alert in case of an emergency.

Guardian- be safe

This is a road safety and accident alert app that lets the user communicate with selected contacts, if the vehicle meets with an accident. It allows users to register vehicles of friends and family to receive alerts in case of emergency.

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