$6.79 billion in investments, 633 Domestic M&A deals, India hits a 5-year high

$6.79 billion in investments, 633 Domestic M&A deals, India hits a 5-year highStartups are the next big economic force in India. Close to 4,400 technology startups (July data) exist in India and the number is expected to reach over 12,000 by 2020. India is the world's youngest startup nation with 72 per cent founders less than 35 years. And I see experts pitching (pure PR or negligence) places like UK, Israel, China etc to be the next Silicon Valley.

Recently News Corp VCCEdge released its Annual Deals Report for CY 2016. Here are a few highlights of the report

• Despite a gloomy year for PE/VC investments, PE Exits, M&A Deals and Fund Raising via IPOs hit 5 Year High in 2016!

• Investors unlocked $6.79 billion worth of investments across 239 exits in 2016

• 633 Domestic M&A deals amounting to $32.77 bn. played a big role in M&A deals hitting a five year high of $61.44 bn.


• Fundraising via IPOs surged to $4.12 billion raised across 93 IPOs

• There were 50 new PE funds launched during the year with a targeted capital of $5.3 bn. – a fall of 11% in number and over 68% in value terms.

CEO of News Corp Nita Kapoor said, “While M&A activity in India perked up in 2016 thanks to a few multi-billion-dollar deals that companies struck either to slash debt or consolidate their market share, what we are seeing is the flow of angel/seed money into enterprises in sectors like fintech, healthcare, education and travel which will continue into 2017. There is a huge funding opportunity for start-ups operating in these sectors that succeed in delivering a good consumer experience.”