Video shows engine failure on a Delta flight which left a chunk of metal rattling around a jet turbine and forced an emergency landing

Delta engine failure

Screenshot/WMAR Baltimore

Local news in Baltimore showed footage of the jet's failed engine, with its nose cone detached from the main body.

  • A Delta flight from Atlanta to Baltimore made an emergency landing in Raleigh, North Carolina, on Monday after one of its engines failed in midair.
  • Video taken by a passenger showed part of the engine glowing red, and the inlet nose cone of the engine detached from the rest.
  • "After we heard the boom we just saw all this smoke come up into the cabin, and that's when we really started freaking out," one passenger told WMAR Baltimore.
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Video shows a jet engine on a Delta flight from Atlanta to Baltimore failing in midair, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing.

The plane, a McDonnell Douglas MD-88, was forced to land in Raleigh, North Carolina, after the plane's left engine failed around an hour into the flight.Advertisement

The video, recorded by a passenger and broadcast on local TV, shows a nose cone from the engine detached from its main body, while a glowing orange ring can be seen at the engine's center.

WMAR, a local news station in Baltimore, shared footage of the engine failure captured by passenger Logan Webb, which can be seen below:

Passengers reported hearing a "boom" before smoke from the failed engine came into the cabin.

Avery Porch, a passenger on the flight told WMAR: "After we heard the boom we just saw all this smoke come up into the cabin, and that's when we really started freaking out. It started slowing down a bit. It was getting hot, the air cut off."

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The aircraft had 148 passengers and six crew on board, according to The Aviation Herald.

Passengers were given a $30 food voucher to use as they waited in Raleigh after the emergency landing, WMAR reported.