Videos of drones showcasing clothes at fashion shows are going viral on Twitter

Videos of drones showcasing clothes at fashion shows are going viral on Twitter

  • Dresses are being flown down ramps using drones.
  • Some Twitter users think that the video is from Saudi Arabia.
  • There’s more than one video doing the rounds.
Fashion shows have been a thing since the early 1800s, when “fashion parades” took place periodically in Paris couture salons.

As essential elements, fashion shows usually have a designer, models and the ramp. But in a first, a bizarre video of drones being used to showcase clothes is going viral on the Internet.

It sounds ludicrous, but it has been proven real by a number of videos currently going viral.

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The first video was shared on Twitter on June 3, where a black dress was being flown down on a ramp by drones. Though some claim the video is from a fashion show in Saudi Arabia, there is no conclusive evidence towards this speculation.


The second video shows a green garment with some accessories hanging from a black hanger, which is attached to a drone.

Another video of a strappy sleeveless dress being carried by a drone above a ramp has also been shared on Twitter.

This wasn't the first time drones were used to showcase something. In February, the Italian luxury fashion house Dolce & Gabbana used drones to fly handbags on the runway. But it was a really tough job to accomplish, as guests were asked to switch off WiFi on their devices, causing a lot of confusion.

So what do you think, should drones be used over models in fashion shows? Let us know by tweeting to us.