'Wait, that can't be real': A 'Fortnite' streamer freaked out after he got a $75,000 donation during a stream

'Wait, that can't be real': A 'Fortnite' streamer freaked out after he got a $75,000 donation during a stream

  • During a livestream of "Fortnite" on Twitch, one player received a massive gift: $75,000.
  • It's common for video game streamers to use donation systems for viewers to give money, but it's usually in much smaller denominations - $1, $5, or maybe a bit more.
  • Due to the absurdly high amount of the donation, the streamer initially didn't believe it to be true.

"Wait, that can't be real!" a stunned "Fortnite" streamer exclaimed during a stream earlier last week.

He was stunned for a good reason: He had just received a massive donation of $75,000 from a fellow streamer. And he didn't believe it was real.

The next few moments are tense, as the streamer known as "Exotic Chaotic" frantically logs into his PayPal account to confirm the legitimacy of what he's seeing. 

He leaps from his chair, yelling. "Dude!" he exclaims. "What is that s---?!" 


Fortnite (streamer)

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Note the empty chair, on the left.

It turns out that a fellow streamer known as "KingMascot" had donated the money.

The streamers are friends, and KingMascot knew his friend was in a bad place financially. "I do not have a very high income," Exotic Chaotic told Kotaku. "My girlfriend has worked full-time to support my career as a 'Fortnite' streamer, so I owe it to her and my four-year-old son to protect and grow this money for their futures."

As for KingMascot, he's apparently got money to spare as "an early investor in Bitcoin and now trades stocks." 

Though massive donations are rare, this is far from the first time such a large sum was donated to a single streamer. Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, for instance, once received a donation for $40,000 from a single person. And, back in 2014, an anonymous benefactor was known to gift large sums, seemingly at random, to a variety of different streamers.


That said, the video of Exotic Chaotic's reaction to this donation stands out as especially delightful - you can see it in full right here: