Watch Amazon engineers celebrate as its warehouse fulfillment team shuts off its last Oracle database

Werner Vogels

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Amazon CTO Werner Vogels

  • Amazon CTO Werner Vogels congratulated Amazon Fulfillment on Friday for completely migrating off of Oracle's databases - and tweeted a video of the team celebrating. 
  • Previously, CNBC reported that Amazon plans to move completely from Oracle's databases to Amazon's by early 2020.
  • Vogels recently said that his happiest day of 2018 was when Amazon turned off its last Oracle data warehouse product.

Amazon is one step closer to fulfilling its goal of completely moving off of Oracle software. 

On Friday, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels tweeted his congratulations to Amazon's Fulfillment teams for migrating off its last Oracle database - including a video of the team celebrating the milestone. Advertisement


The Fulfillment team at Amazon handles the inventory and shipping of products to customers, which is a cornerstone of Amazon's business. Previously, CNBC reported that Amazon plans to move off of Oracle's databases and entirely to its own Amazon Web Services database products by early 2020.


Amazon fulfillment center Seattle

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An Amazon warehouse.

Last November, Amazon turned off the largest Oracle data warehouse it was using and moved it to Amazon's own, called Redshift. Vogels called it his best day of 2018, and now says that the company is using much faster.

Read more: Amazon CTO Werner Vogels says the whole company is moving more quickly thanks to ditching some Oracle softwareOracle co-founder and CTO Larry Ellison has scoffed Amazon's goal multiple times, saying Amazon spent $60 million on Oracle software the previous year, saying that "it's kind of embarrassing" that Amazon still uses Oracle's databases to power its business. He also said that there was "no way" anyone would move from Oracle's databases to Amazon's because of the cost. Regardless, this marks a major milestone in Amazon's quest to move its databases to in-house technology. Advertisement