Watch Charlie Gasparino Do Push-ups With A Fox News Host On His Back


pushup gif


Fox Business Network's senior correspondent Charlie Gasparino joined Fox News' "Outnumbered" this morning to show off his push-up skills following Steelers linebacker James Harrison's viral video cranking them out with a 300 lb. teammate on his back.

"Can you really do a one-armed push-up?" host Sandra Smith asked.

"This is not in my contract. You know that, right?" Gasparino said.

"Can you do it without splitting your pants?" Rachel Campos Duffy chimed in.


"You will see my very large rear-end... Alright I'll do it. I'll do it," Gasparino said.

"We'll find out if he's wearing Spanx under there," Duffy said.

"What are Spanx?" Gasparino asked before cranking out six one-armed pushups.

"Now can you do it with Harris on your back," Smith asked.

"I might be able to do a regular pushup," he said.


"With me on your back?" Harris Faulkner asked.

He did it.

They looked impressed. We are too.