Watch Stephen Colbert's Hilarious Interview With Florida's 'Vampire' Congressional Candidate

colbert jake rush

Comedy Central/Hulu

Stephen Colbert featured an interview with Florida's "vampire" role playing Republican congressional candidate Jake Rush on the "Colbert Report" Thursday. Colbert introduced the segment by referencing Business Insider's story on the Rush campaign's statement that defended his "hobby activities" by saying his role playing ability helped him during his time as a sheriff's deputy.

"Bad news criminals, he's not actually a drug dealer, he is Chazz Darling, vampire cop," Colbert quipped.

For the actual interview, Colbert came out in a vampire costume.
"Why aren't you in character?" he asked Rush. "I thought we were going to role play."

After changing back into a suit, Colbert began questioning Rush.

"Sir, for the record, are you a vampire?"

"No," Rush replied.

"Just making sure," said Colbert. Colbert went on to ask Rush to explain his "core message as a small government conservative who also pretends to be a vampire." Rush replied by saying he's focused on "privacy rights" and "personal freedom."

The interview also included questions about Rush's history as a "thesbian," a strange role playing exercise involving Rush killing a woman, and an uncomfortable moment with a gun.

Watch the whole show here.