Watch Tim Cook's Candid, Heartfelt Interview With Charlie Rose


Apple CEO Tim Cook recently sat down with Charlie Rose for a long, heartfelt interview about a wide-range of topics, and the first hour of that interview is now available on Hulu (the second part will air on PBS on Monday).

Cook talks about how he thinks TV is stuck in the 70s, why Apple bought Beats, how its partnership with IBM is going to help the company sell more iPhones and iPads, why having bigger phones doesn't mean Apple's copying Samsung, his thoughts on Amazon's new smartphone, and how Apple's working on products that no one knows about yet.

He also talks a lot about his predecessor Steve Jobs, including how Jobs convinced him to join the company in the first place, how he surprised Cook in 2011 by asking him to be CEO, how Jobs office still looks the exact same as it always did, and what he thinks not enough people know about his old boss.


Click the links above for some highlights or watch the whole hour: