How to Increase the speed of your Mobile phone - All you need to know

How to Increase the speed of your Mobile phone - All you need to know

Like in computers, the performance of mobile phones also diminish over a period of usage. Mobile OS is usually lighter and speedier to support your needs on the move. With some maintenance, you can speed up your phone. Here are a few tips that will get you through increasing your mobile phone speed.

Understand your device

Every mobile phone is unique and different from others. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of your phone by studying its components and configuration. Some apps that will need more resources can slow down your mobile phone. Identify in you have any such ones and remove them.

Update the phone

Update your phone with the latest firmware. Every time android operating systems come with updates that give way to more stability, better speed, connectivity and performance besides other kinds of user-friendly features.

Remove unnecessary apps

Every app you have installed on your phone has taken some memory and is running some processes in the background. This can slow down your phone’s performance. Uninstall or disable the apps that you do not use.


Update the apps

Using Google Play, you must update your phone’s apps from time to time as and when any updates are available. Newer versions of apps come with added features with their bugs fixed. Updated apps can run faster.

Make use of high-speed memory card

The memory card of your phone is where the data is stored. If your phone has low internal memory, you can boost up the same with a high capacity memory card that has enough storage space. to support high speed read or write options, you can use about 32GB worth storage space.

Have only as many widgets as needed

Unlike apps, widgets keep running in the background. They remain active all the time. Some widgets help keep track of the weather and some important dates. Some other widgets help in having extended controls for quickly accessing Wi-Fi, torch, Bluetooth or GPS. Though you might find them usful, having too many of them on your home screen running can tremendously slow down your phone’s performance.

Do not go for live wallpapers and animations

Many of android’s live wallpapers are just lovely. Live wallpapers that are not made properly will require several CPU cycles to run which will drain off the battery faster. Live wallpaper is activated every time you activate your home screen thereby stealing some of the phone’s performance. It is good if you choose not to use a live wallpaper feature. Also, screen animation features also take away the speed and performance of your phone.

Stop syncing

Syncing feature helps synchronize your data with Google servers. When the sync is on, you will get notified when a new mail arrives or when a new message is delivered on your phone. This feature will need a refresh at a regular interval of time. If you keep the syncing off for unrequired services, you can save on the speed and performance of the phone.