We drove a Ferrari California T to a track to watch Ferraris race


Ferrari Race 2015

Matthew DeBord/Business Insider


Last year my son, James, and I drove up to Watkins Glen International, a storied racetrack, to watch a Ferrari race. We did not, however, make the drive in a Ferrari.

This year, Ferrari kindly lent us a California T, the company's "entry-level" car - its base price is $198,000 - to make a sort of return visit. Last time, we watched a Ferrari Challenge race in which the contestants run in Ferrari 458s. This time we attended the Six Hours of the Glen, an endurance race featuring teams from a variety of automakers - Porches, BMW, Aston Martin, Mazda, Corvette - alongside Ferrari.

It was an interesting weekend with a long drive in a cool car and a race that was heavily affected by the weather. Mixed in was a jaunt around the original Watkins Glen road course, where after World War II racers battled it out and before the now famous raceway was built.

We had a lot of fun - check it out.