We rode behind David Hasselhoff and a Batmobile on a leg of 3,000-mile supercar rally Gumball 3000


Nissan GTR emoji fire

Car Throttle

We rode in a Nissan GTR that had been covered in emojis.

Every year since 1999, hundreds of supercar owners have gathered together to drive around the world in convoy for the Gumball 3000 rally - a 3,000-mile cross-country rally that takes place on public roads. 

In between long drives, participants stay at luxury hotels and pop champagne at decadent nightclubs. Entry to the week-long rally costs around $50,000. And you need to provide your own supercar, obviously.

Business Insider was invited to take part in one leg of this year's 3000-mile rally from Dublin to Bucharest by Car Throttle - an app-based online car community dubbed "Buzzfeed for Cars"- which had entered Gumball 3000 with a Nissan GTR that was inexplicably wrapped in emojis.

We were only with the team for one day - from London to Kent on day three - but it gave us a flavor of the event. Inside the "EmojiTR," Car Throttle CEO Adnan Ebrahim filled us in on what we had missed.