We took a helicopter to dinner at the Rockefeller Estate with the most powerful business players you've never heard of


Kairos Dinner 2017

Sarah Jacobs

Ankur Jain, founder and chairman of Kairos Society.


Last Thursday evening, some of the world's most innovative minds joined each other for dinner at one of the country's most storied old-money estates.

The dinner was held by the Kairos Society, an elite group of young business entrepreneurs working to solve global issues, as part of its annual Global Summit. The summit brings together leaders from across industries - from Amazon CTO Werner Vogels to Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides - for a three-day event filled with discussion on how to solve market failures in industries like social security and retirement, affordable access to healthcare, and fake news, among others.

Guests were helicoptered from Manhattan to Tarrytown, New York, to kick off the weekend with a dinner at the 3,500-acre Rockefeller Estate. Business Insider was invited to cover the event - here's what we saw.