We went inside the mysterious NYC hotspot with a secret room for the rich and famous


beautique lounge


Beautique's back lounge is accessed through a secret entrance.

Dubbed everything from "a playpen for millionaires" by the New York Post to "a local watering hole for oil tycoons" by the Wall Street Journal, Beautique is famous for its luxe crowd.


The lavish NYC bar, restaurant and lounge draws in everyone from business moguls to celebrity regulars.

It took the title of the best new restaurant at the Concierge Choice Awards the same year it opened in 2014, and has remained an NYC hotspot ever since.

We recently visited the venue and spoke to owner, Jon Bakhshi, to learn how he created a space that is beloved by the rich and famous.

From the variety of exclusive events it hosts to the luxurious details guests are treated to, here's what makes Beautique one of the hottest spots in town.