What could Chinese investment mean to Indian e-commerce?

What could Chinese investment mean to
Indian e-commerce?
Alibaba and Foxconn are looking to invest around $500 million in India’s Snapdeal; a move that could shoot up the Indian firm’s value to over $5 billion.

So what happens when a Chinese giant like Alibaba invests in an Indian firm? We’ll have to wait and find out.

Industry experts believe there is potential for a huge boost in the Indian e-commerce market based on what Alibaba has done to Chinese e-commerce. If one brings that learning into India, it could change Indian e-tail forever.

While most await a formal announcement on the part of the respective companies, there is no doubt Indian e-commerce sites would welcome Chinese moolah into India.

Snapdeal is an online marketplace. It connects buyers and sellers in India. While it’s uncommon for rivals to invest in one another, last year the company received a whopping $1 billion from eBay.

(Image credit: Indiatimes)