What happens when Obama wakes up in the middle of the night and wants a snack


obama eating2


Obama says he's allowed to make himself a sandwich.

There are a lot of things the president of the United States is not allowed to have or do.


For example, President Obama has a BlackBerry, because there's technology in the iPhone he's not allowed to have.

And it took until May for Obama to finally get his own Twitter account, @POTUS - president of the United States.

Sometimes, being president is kind of like being a prisoner in the White House. Obama described some of the limitations of being president in a March interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

On the show, Obama said he wasn't allowed to drive himself anywhere, and joked about a time he once stole the keys to an electric car and drove around the south lawn, which terrified his secret service. And at daylight-saving time, Obama doesn't have to change a single clock. The one at his bedside is changed for him by his staff.


So what happens when Obama gets hungry in the middle of the night and wants to get a snack?

"Is there someone in your kitchen all night?" Kimmel asked Obama. "If you want to have a sandwich, would you have to wake someone up?"

"I wouldn't wake someone up," Obama replied.

"You're allowed to go in your refrigerator on your own?" Kimmel questioned.

"I am!" the president replied. "There's a refrigerator, and there's silverware."


Although Obama admits, "It's been a while since I cooked."

Here's the clip of Obama describing life inside the White House.