What you need to know in advertising today

What you need to know in advertising today

Jack Dorsey, Twitter

Francois Durand / Getty

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Twitter has a plan to make more money outside of Twitter - while also helping publishers squeeze out a bit more revenue.

After setting up a cryptic landing page in May for a program dubbed Twitter Timeline Ads that pitched publishers on a new way to make money, the program is now live with some outlets.

The new program places ads into Timelines - or strings of tweets - that these publishers embed into their websites.

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In other news:

"The market is betting on a bidding war": The fight for Sky is likely to come down to a rare sealed auction. Analysts predict that Comcast will win in a bidding war for Sky.

"An apocalyptical onslaught to their models and profit margins": Why media agencies are on their death bed. The future of media agencies is as grim as ever, according to a new report by market research firm Forrester released this week.

Amazon could soon be the third-place online advertiser behind Facebook and Google - but only if it can avoid trouble with regulators and shoppers. The retailer's ad business is growing at a time when regulators in the US and Europe are taking a hard look at the business practices of big retailers and tech giants.

A Bollywood production company is about to steal PewDiePie's top spot on YouTube - and viewers are watching it play out in real time. PewDiePie has been the top subscribed YouTube channel since 2013 but his spot might be taken by T-Series.

A fast-food executive explains how the "Costco factor" is helping chains introduce increasingly bizarre foods to the menu. Sonic manages to convince shoppers to buy pickle juice slush and other more out-there menu items.

A group led by UK investor/consultant Ian Osborne is trying to buy Fortune magazine, reports Recode. Osborne, under the auspices of his London-based Connaught Limited firm, is in talks with Fortune's owner Meredith.