When Hiring, Always Ask Yourself 'Where Can This Person Go From Here?'


Jeff Miller Halliburton


Jeff Miller of Halliburton

When bringing new people into your company, you need to imagine where they will be within your company in the coming years.


This means first identifying the goals and vision for your company before finding people who align with those goals and vision.

"We want everyone pulling in the same direction, based on a mutual respect that's built on an acceptance of that culture and those values," Jeff Miller, an executive at Halliburton, an oilfield services firm, writes in his post on LinkedIn.

When interviewing, Miller always asks himself "where can this person go from here?" because the candidates who will be most successful are the ones who understand that their success is tied to the company's success. They will work harder to improve the company because they believe their own success relies on it. They also believe their values and goals are the same as the company's values and goals. They will naturally move up in the company because there will be little to differentiate between the individual's mission and that of the company's.

"It may sound cliché, but the people you hire and how you develop them defines everything about your company," he says.


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