When the 20-something founder of Oculus first met Mark Zuckerberg, he blew him off


palmer luckey


Oculus founder Palmer Luckey

When the CEO of Facebook visits your startup, you might imagine that you'd drop everything to show him around.


Not if you're Palmer Luckey, the 22-something founder of Oculus VR.

Before Facebook bought the virtual reality startup in March 2014 for about $2 billion, Mark Zuckerberg's first meeting with Luckey was less-than-deferential, as described in a new Vanity Fair story about Facebook's virtual reality ambition.

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Zuckerberg decided to go visit the startup's headquarters after loving his first demo with Oculus' virtual reality headset in Facebook's office.

When Zuck arrived, Palmer basically blew him off. He came over and said hello, but promptly excused himself.


"I'm a big fan," Luckey says he told Zuckerberg, "But I actually have to get back to work."

Turns out, Luckey's briskness didn't put the Facebook CEO off at all.

"They definitely have the hacker culture that we have," Zuckerberg told Vanity Fair's Max Chafkin. "Those shared values were what attracted us to each other and made us comfortable."

The acquisition negotiations took place over the next few weeks. Today, Oculus is prepping to release its first consumer product early next year.

Read the rest of the Vanity Fair story here.


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