Why this menswear designer says that guys still look at fashion 'as a four-letter word'


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Sarah Jacobs

Todd Snyder in his eponymous store in New York City.

For many men, the intricacies of what they should wear every day still remain a mystery.


And according to menswear designer Todd Snyder, many of those guys aren't putting much thought into their clothes because they're at a loss for where to start.

"They use every excuse in the book. I don't get it," Snyder recently said to Business Insider. "Quite frankly, I think guys look at fashion as a four-letter word."

Snyder says that guys "aren't always comfortable" buying clothing for themselves because "there's so much information coming at you, you don't know what's cool and uncool."

Most guys are intimidated by this amount of information, which Snyder says is not too surprising.


"It's hard for guys to see a sneaker on a guy and say, 'Oh, sneakers are in. I can wear sneakers.' They'll dig in their closet and dig up an old, crunchy pair of sneakers. Well, that's not what's cool," Snyder said. "Guys need that guidance."

That's why he decided to open a brick-and-mortar store for his eponymous brand in New York, calling it a one-stop shop for guys to learn about fashion. There's also an area where you can get pieces tailored, and a barbershop and bar area are coming son.

"It was important for me to tear down the barriers for guys," Snyder said. "The brand kind of is a window into that, in showing a guy how to dress better and to always look his best."

Snyder formerly designed menswear at Ralph Lauren, Gap, and J.Crew, where he eventually became a senior vice president.

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