You’ll be able to make calls, use internet on flights soon

You’ll be able to make calls, use internet on flights soonIndian fliers will soon be able to access Wi-Fi onboard flights to make calls and access data. The Department of Telecommunications has moved a proposal in this regard, minister of state for civil aviation Jayant Sinha has said.

At present, Wi-Fi services are banned in the Indian airspace.

“The Department of Telecommunications has already moved a proposal for providing inflight connectivity for voice, data and video services for consideration of the Committee of Secretaries,” Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha informed the Rajya Sabha.

In a written reply, he also said the proposal for providing onboard Wi-Fi services involves amendment of provisions of Indian Telegraph Act, 1885 and Indian Telegraph Rules made there under.

“As of now, Wi-Fi in-flight Entertainment System (Transmitting – Portable Electronic Device) is an independent system and is not connected to aircraft control systems making it safe for aircraft operations,” Sinha noted.


Various countries, including the US, allow in-flight Wi-Fi services.

Aviation secretary RN Choubey had said last month that a decision to allow Wi-Fi on board was expected soon.

Security fears like the aircraft system being taken over by hackers on ground who may use it as a missile or hijackers on board taking directions from their handlers had prevented security agencies from allowing the use of Wi-Fi services on board aircraft in Indian airspace.