You’re killing your employees. Stop micromanagement now!

You’re killing your
employees. Stop micromanagement now! Knowing how much supervision to give can be troublesome; too little, and individuals could be lost and unproductive, however too much, and you could wind up with ‘went nuts’, demoralized or invisible employees.

Today, we will give you three reasons why micromanaging is a terrible thought. A great deal of talking and individual experience went into this post.

You're relinquishing the control


When you micromanage your staff, the management tools at your disposal turn out to be exceptionally narrowed, until the main tool you have in reach is control. What's more, the funny thing about control is that when it's your lone means of management, you usually wind up losing it.

Try not to murder the confidence

Alongside adding extra work to your workload, micromanaging can truly slaughter your team's confidence. If your direct-reports feel like they're always watched over, they may begin to second-guess themselves. As a boss, your objective should to be to empower your employees and to expel roadblocks to their success.


When you micromanage, your employees start to feel like they're losing their autonomy. At the point when this happens, they'll gradually lose the desire to do anything besides that which you demand, and little more. Nobody will step outside the proverbial box or go the extra mile for a task.

I’ve personally seen start-ups fall just because of micromanaging. Your employees should be your priority, don’t make them unproductive, and lose confidence and faith in your company. If you’re so eager to practice slavery, try making a pyramid not a company.