YouTuber Master Milo invented a car that he can drive from seats rigged high above the windshield

  • YouTuber Master Milo created a car that can be driven from seats rigged high above the car's front windshield.
  • This WipKar is Milo's second. His first, a similarly designed rig, was destroyed in a workshop fire.
  • Milo built WipKar 2.0 at a technical convention designed to inspire students to pursue careers in design and fabrication. It only took a day to complete.
  • Watch the video below to see how this was accomplished.

Following is a transcript of the video.


This invention allows you to drive your car from the outside.

This is the WipKar.

It's made by Milo from the YouTube channel MasterMilo.

His first attempt at a WipKar was in 2010. It was fast, light, and rolled with ease.


But when Milo's workshop was destroyed in a fire, the WipKar and all of Milo's other projects were lost.

For six years, the WipKar project remained untouched. But Milo was invited to be an exhibitionist at Vakkanjers Live. Milo chose to rebuild the WipKar in front of a live audience.

And the WipKar was reborn.