YuFit is another Rs 999 fitness band but with an OLED display

YuFit is another Rs 999 fitness band but with an OLED display

Yu had a few surprises up its sleeves earlier today. In addition to Yuphoria smartphone, the brand also managed to delve into the affordable wearable fitness space with YuFit. If Yu had given its clearest indication that Xiaomi is their closest competition then YuFit makes the case even more compelling. The fitness band will be sold in the country for Mi Band-like price of Rs 999 and the craze is set to double up for wearable gadgets.

However, while Xiaomi failed (or decided) to offer display on the Mi Band, Yu has outdone its rival with YuFit for the same price—but more or less the same features in tow. Yu has majorly benefited from Micromax’s recent investment in HealthifyMe which has resulted in the making of YuFit and its companion application from the same company.


YuFit has been designed on the lines of Samsung’s Galaxy Fit but this one is available for five times lower than fitness band from the Korean brand. The band will help you track your steps, calorie count, offer users call and message notification understands sleep pattern and everything else that one expects a fitness band to offer these days.

The display is a definite bonus on the YuFit and with OLED quality; we just hope that doesn’t end up eating up the band’s battery life, something that Xiaomi has managed with its 30-day support on Mi Band. And if that isn’t enough for health freaks then you get to track diet specific to Indian taste as well. Unlike Yuphoria, YuFit will start selling in the country from next month onwards.