Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal smells a conspiracy - says restaurants association chief Beer Cafe’s Rahul Singh has a vested interest in dissing ‘Gold’

Zomato co-founder and CEO Deepinder GoyalBCCL
  • Deepinder Goyal shared screenshots to show that NRAI chief Rahul Singh has started his own Gold programme for his chain of restaurants – Beer Cafe.
  • With this, Goyal said they are ‘logging out of the logout movement’ and stick to the changes they offered in Gold.
  • The logout movement was led by the NRAI against the deep discounts offered by Zomato
In a dramatic twist, Zomato’s founder Deepinder Goyal has gone on record to say that the logout movement seems to be motivated by a vested interest of Rahul Singh, who runs the Beer Cafe chain and heads the National Restaurants Association of India (NRAI).

However, Goyal’s attack on Singh was rather sarcastic.

Calls and texts sent to Rahul Singh from Business Insider remain unanswered.

The NRAI and Zomato have been engaged in a bitter dispute over the foodtech giant’s discount programme that goes by the name ‘Zomato Gold’.

The battle has led as many as 2,000 restaurants across India to logout of the platform including those from Tier 2 cities, according to Rahul Leekha, owner of Coffee by Di Bella and a member of the NRAI.

The latest salvo from Goyal seems like an attempt to split the community of restaurant owners. He shared screenshots of the gold programme launched by Beer Cafe in August itself and implied that the movement against Zomato benefited a few large chains at the expense of smaller ones.

“This is not about aggregators vs restaurants; this is about the small restaurant owner vs the large restaurant owner - and we are being painted as bullies. This logout campaign as it seems now, is driven by Rahul Singh, along with the participation of a few large restaurant owners, to use the NRAI platform to sabotage aggregators and benefit themselves,” Goyal wrote in his post.

The logout movement was started by the NRAI chief Singh and multiple other restaurants against the deep discounting offered by food aggregators. Zomato had then offered to change its Gold programme to restrict the usage frequency, allowing consumers to use it just once in a day, which it is planning to stick to.
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