Online test prep to food delivery, Tracxn lists top 10 funded business models in 2022

Dec 9, 2022

By: Eetika Kapoor

Online Test Preparation Course

Even though the edtech sector suffered a blow during the pandemic, online test preparation platforms still remain the most funded sector in 2022. It raised a total of $1214.7 million, with edtech firm BYJU’s raising $965 million this year.

Credit: BCCL

Vernacular Content Sharing Platforms

Vernacular content sharing platforms raised $1148.5 million in 2022. These platforms increase engagement by allowing customers to interact in their local dialect. Bangalore based startup Verse raised $805 million in this category.

Credit: BCCL

Ultra Fast Grocery Delivery

Zomato-owned Blinkit, Zepto, Swiggy Instamart are some Indian ecommerce startups in the space of quick grocery delivery. Ultra fast grocery delivery raised $1140 million with Swiggy leading the category with $700 million funding this year.

Credit: BCCL

Hyperlocal Delivery Platform

Unlike ultra fast grocery delivery that focuses on just groceries, Hyperlocal delivery platform fulfils varied customers needs through local shops, resulting in faster delivery. The category raised $959 million this year.

Credit: BCCL

Food Ordering Platforms

Food ordering platforms in India, like Zomato and Swiggy, have raised $700 million this year with Bangalore-based Swiggy yet again leading the category. Food ordering platforms retained the fifth spot from last year, on the Tracxn funding index.

Credit: BCCL

Electric Scooter Manufacturers

Moving up 16 ranks from last year’s Tracxn funding index, electric scooter manufacturers raised $627 million this year. Coimbatore based Ampere Vehicles lead the funding round with $220 million raised in series B funding.

Credit: BCCL

Electric Car Manufacturers

Out of all the business models, electric car manufacturers witnessed the most significant movement, moving up 701 ranks from last year’s Tracxn funding index. Mumbai-based Tata Passenger raised $496 million this year, leading the category.

Credit: BCCL

Own Fleet

Own fleet refers to companies offering logistics services using their own transportation via trucks, trains, aircrafts etc. The business model raised $459 million in India with Gurgaon-based Delhivery leading the category, securing $304 million funding.

Credit: BCCL

Conversational Intelligence

Conversational intelligence companies provide data insights from online sales calls using AI, thus understanding customer needs. The model raised $403 million this year with Bangalore-based Covin leading the funding with $2.1 million.

Credit: BCCL

Voice based Customer Support

Voice base customer support startups in India raised $401 million this year. Bangalore-based raised 0.8 million this year in Series A funding, leading this category’s funding.

Credit: BCCL

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