Airtel bumped its profits by $1 billion in FY2022 — understand its earnings in ten simple points

May 18, 2022



Airtel announces its financial results

Telecom giant Bharti Airtel — which competes with Reliance Jio and VI (Vodafone Idea) — on Tuesday, May 17, announced its financial results for the fiscal year that ended in March 2022.

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Revenue bumped by $2 billion

Bharti Airtel ended the year with a revenue of ₹1,17,081 crore ($15 billion), which increased by ₹15,823 crore ($2 billion), or 14 percent, from the previous year. About 70 percent of these earnings were contributed by Bharti Airtel’s business in India for both the years.

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It turned its loss to profit

The company also managed to turn its loss of ₹12,364 crore ($1.5 billion) of FY2021 to a profit of ₹8,305 crore ($1 billion).

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Network related expense were the highest

Bharti Airtel’s expenses stood at ₹59,013 crore ($7.6 billion) for the fiscal year 2022. About 42 percent of this amount was listed under ‘network operating expenses', while another 18 percent went into license fee or spectrum charge. It also spent ₹4,433 crore on employee benefits.

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$4 billion earning in last quarter

The telecom giant earned ₹31,510 crore ($4 billion) in the January-March quarter of 2021, while its profit lingered at ₹14,460 crore ($1.8 billion). Bharti Airtel’s revenue grew by ₹15,000 crore or $2 billion in the last quarter too.

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ARPU increased by ₹15

The company’s average revenue per user (ARPU) stood at ₹178 in the January-March quarter, representing a hike of ₹15 from the previous quarter. Overall, the company’s ARPU was at ₹145 for the entire FY2022, showcasing a jump of 22.8 percent.

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Airtel now has 32 crore users

Bharti Airtel added about 31 lakh users in the last quarter, closing the year with 32 crore users. The company added 1.3 crore users throughout the fiscal year, which is still 76 percent lower than the previous years.

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Customers use 16,000 MB data per month

The company has about 18 crore data customer base in Q4 of FY2022, out of which 17.9 crore are 4G customers. Data usage per customer per month stood at 16,840 MB for Bharti Airtel, the company revealed.

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Mobile services outshined other businesses

Mobile Services was the biggest source of users for Bharti Airtel, followed by Digital TV Services with 1.7 crore users being added in the last quarter of FY2022 and home services that added 30 lakh users.

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India was the biggest market

India was its biggest market, contributing 35.9 crore users in the January-March quarter of FY2022. It was followed by Africa with 12.5 crore users and South Asia with 29 lakh users.

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Indians are now consuming over 12,000 petabytes of 4G data every month