​Solana is the only bigwig cryptocurrency still in the green as the crypto market correct

Oct 22, 2021

By: BI India Bureau

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Bitcoin’s recent rally came to a halt last night, dipping below $65,000

The world’s oldest cryptocurrency had hit an all-time high of $67,000 after the first Bitcoin-based ETF hit the NYSE

Bitcoin is now at $63,190

It has dipped by over 2 percent since yesterday, dragging the rest of the crypto market with it

However, there’s one coin that continues to be in the green by a large margin


Solana is currently priced at $201.43

It is up by 9.82 percent in the last 24 hours

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As compared to last week, Solana has seen gains of 33.66 percent

To be fair, most of it has come during the last two days

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Polkadot is in the green as well

It’s currently priced at $44.27, up by 1.75 percent in the last 24 hours

Ethereum, Solana’s primary contender, is fighting to stay above $4,000

Currently priced at $4,140, the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world, has only dipped by 0.8 percent since yesterday

Binance Coin is among the heaviest hit from Bitcoin’s correction

However, that could have a lot to do with the crypto exchange Binance US’ mistake

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Binance US’ printed a one minute candle

...That took Bitcoin’s price from $65,000 to $8,200

It’s a phenomenon that’s becoming increasingly familiar across crypto exchanges

Bitstamp too has been victim of ‘freak’ order-book events

​Binance Coin is currently at $479.24

It’s down by 3.5 percent as compared to yesterday

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Meanwhile, Cardano has taken a hit of 1.79 percent

The ‘Ethereum Killer’ is currently trading at $2.18

Ripple’s XRP token is back to status quo

It’s currently worth $1.11, having dropped 2.46 percent in the last 24 hours

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Dogecoin has slipped down to number 10 on the charts

The meme coin is worth $0.2454, down by 2.74 percent since yesterday


These are the top cryptocurrencies by volume according to CoinMarketCap | Prices updated as of October 22, 9 am IST and may change over the course of the day

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Bitcoin hits an all-time high $67,000 taking the crypto market to record levels