From hiking to board games: Tinder reveals 10 most popular dating activities in 2022

The previously popular dinner date could soon be dead as young singles are preferring activities like picnic, stand up, and hiking when going on date, reveals Tinder’s Year In Swipe 2022 report. In fact, there was also a rise in sober dates among Indians. As per Tinder, here are the 10 most popular dating activities among Indians.

Nov 28, 2022


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Coffee date

Coffee dates are one of the most convenient ways to try and form a connection. They are easy on the pocket and the setting is usually casual. It is also a great option for working folks who often don't have much time to spare.

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Picnics have made a comeback for dating singles. One can make the best of a picnic by sharing home made items with each other, enjoying the winter sun, and ending the date with a cup of chai!

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Humor is one of the most desirable traits Indians are looking for while dating, Tinder revealed. A stand up comedy performance could be the perfect icebreaker, helping you discover what makes your date laugh out loud.

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A long drive

If you are comfortable enough with the person you have been talking to, going on a long drive accompanied by your playlists might just be the perfect way to test your compatibility.

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You don’t have to be talented like Sanjeev Kapoor to cook together - especially if the idea is to build a stronger connection. A cooking class could also be a special date where you build playful memories… or it could just combust.

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Hiking is another popular dating activity that is fun, gets your adrenaline pumping and sets your heart racing, quite literally.

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Movie Night

A cozy movie night in, drive-in theater screenings or watching a movie in a hall - either of the options are guaranteed to keep your date entertained. Debates around characters and plots are also great conversation starters, and a way to gauge the other person’s interests.

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Walk in the park

This is a no pressure, breezy dating activity which involves just taking a stroll - but this time with your potential dating companion. The length of the walk can depend on your interest in knowing a particular date.

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Concerts, music or food festivals are another ideal way to hobnob with your date. Visiting different stalls, purchasing merchandise together, or listening to different bands are exciting ways to explore the chemistry between you two.

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Board Games

Board games are a fun way to playfully flex your moves, bring out your competitive spirit, or even swap nostalgic stories from your childhood. Scrabble or Checkers are some of the more popular options available.

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Global interests on Tinder

Globally, camping, street food, and barbecues made it to the top 10 trending global interests on Tinder.

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