Here’s a list of upcoming long weekends to plan your holidays better

Jul 21, 2022

By: Debolina

Weekends and well-being

After the Covid-19 pandemic played havoc with connectivity, relaxation, and spontaneous travel, the second half of 2022 – with many long weekends – offers a chance to heal and catch up. Now is the time to take a break from work and go out on a long-due trip over the weekend, or just spend some quality time with yourself.

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A much-awaited break

The upcoming weekends, coupled with bank holidays, are perfect for making travel plans. We list the upcoming long weekends to help you plan better – be it a long trip or a quiet break away from the day-to-day hustle.

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The month of August is bursting with holidays. Muharram is on the 8th, a Monday. Club it with the 6th and 7th (Saturday and Sunday) and you have time for a nice little break.

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Rakshabandhan, Independence Day, and Parsi New Year

There can be a bumper holiday beginning from the 11th of August to the 16th – covering a host of celebrations like Rakshabandhan (Aug 11 Thursday), Independence Day (Aug 15, Monday), and the Parsi New Year (Aug 16, Tuesday).

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If by any freak chance you miss the bumper holidays, there’s one more set of holidays you can avail in August. With Janmashtami on the 19th (Friday), you can plan a quick drive to the hills for that weekend (Aug 19-21).

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Vinayaka Chaturthi

The month of September kicks off with four consecutive holidays – Vinayaka Chaturthi (31st August), to 4th (Sunday). The weekend starts really early this week.

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Onam is on September 8, a Thursday. If you could take a day off on the 9th (a Friday), then you have the makings of a luxurious long weekend.

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Gandhi Jayanti and more

October has another big chunk of holidays that can be wisely used. Gandhi Jayanti (Oct 2, Sunday), Maha Ashtami (Oct 3, Monday), Maha Navami (Oct 4, Tuesday), and Dussehra (Oct 5, Wednesday) are the big celebrations in this month.

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A three-day long weekend starting Friday, the 7th of October – which is the occasion of Milad un Nabi – lasts till Sunday.

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The festivities of Diwali bring in a weekend delight as well, starting on the 22nd of October (Saturday) and lasting up to the 24th, being a Monday.

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Guru Nanak Jayanti

November will give you four days of an extended weekend if you can take a day off (7th November, a Monday). The break begins on the 5th of November (Saturday) and lasts till the 8th, which is Guru Nanak's birthday.

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Now that you know about the holiday bonanza coming your way, it’s time to get busy planning vacations, adventures, and trips. Plan early and save on expenses.

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