El Nino - All about how it impacts the Indian climate and economy

May 22, 2023

By: Rahul Verma

What is El Nino?

El Nino is a climatic phenomenon characterised by the warming of the central and eastern Pacific Ocean, which has a significant impact on global weather patterns, including India.

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What happens?

During El Nino events, the sea surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific Ocean rise above normal levels, leading to changes in atmospheric circulation patterns.

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El Nino in India

El Nino in India reduces rainfall during the southwest monsoon season, impacting agriculture and water resources. This leads to drought conditions, affecting crop yields, livestock, and food production.

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Fishing impacted by El Nino

El Nino events can disrupt fisheries along the Indian coast, impacting the livelihoods of coastal communities dependent on fishing.

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El Nino increases flood risk

The altered rainfall patterns associated with El Nino can also lead to an increased risk of floods in certain regions of India, particularly in areas with poor infrastructure and inadequate drainage systems.

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Economic impacts of El Nino

El Nino can indirectly affect India's economy, including through reduced agricultural output, increased food prices, and potential impacts on sectors like manufacturing and transportation.

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India's vigilance on El Nino

The Indian government and meteorological agencies closely monitor El Nino conditions to better predict and manage the impacts on agriculture, water resources, and disaster management.

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Impact on energy production

El Nino can also affect energy production in India. Reduced monsoon rainfall and altered weather patterns can impact hydropower generation, which relies on sufficient water availability.

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Building resilience against El Nino

The impact of El Nino in India highlight the importance of building resilience, implementing effective water management strategies, and diversifying agricultural practices to mitigate the negative consequences on food security and the economy.

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