WhatsApp is updating its privacy policy

Jan 7, 2021

By: Rounak Jain

New privacy policy

WhatsApp has announced that it is updating its privacy policy

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Will come in effect from February

The new privacy policy and terms of service will come in effect from February 8.

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Users have started receiving an in-app notification informing them about the new terms.

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Data usage

The new policy includes how WhatsApp manages your data

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Message Forwards

WhatsApp temporarily stores forwarded media on its servers.

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Undelivered Messages

Undelivered messages are stored on WhatsApp’s servers for 30 days.

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WhatsApp will now share data with Facebook and its affiliated companies.

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Data that will be shared

Data that will be shared by WhatsApp includes your contact information and IP address.

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Compulsory to agree

It is necessary to agree to these terms if you wish to continue to use WhatsApp.

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Calls to stop using WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s new privacy policies have resulted in calls to stop using the Facebook-owned app.

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Use Signal and Telegram, says Elon Musk

Several WhatsApp critics, including Elon Musk have asked users to shift to Signal and Telegram instead of using WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp will stop working

WhatsApp will stop working after February 8 if you do not agree to its new terms.

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