Over 2,093 tech employees given pink slips every day in 2023 so far

Feb 22, 2023

By: Rounak Jain

Credit: Canva

A bad start to 2023

According to data from layoffs tracker Layoffs.fyi, over 2,093 employees have been given the pink slips every day in 2023 so far.

Credit: Canva

Nearly 1.09 lakh techies shown the door

During this period, 1,08,854 employees in the tech sector have been shown the door by companies around the world.

Credit: Canva

1.6 lakh employees laid off in 2022

While the first two months of 2023 witnessed 1.09 lakh layoffs, the full year 2022 witnessed 1.6 lakh layoffs.

Credit: Canva

Google, Meta, Amazon lead layoffs

US tech giants Google, Meta, Amazon, and Microsoft have led the layoffs, accounting for 43,000, or nearly 40 percent of the total tech layoffs this year so far.

Credit: Canva

Three out of four layoffs from top 10

The top ten companies accounted for nearly three out of every four layoffs during this period, at 80,125 layoffs.

Credit: Canva

Over 13,000 layoffs in India

13,339 of the 1.09 lakh employees laid off were in India.

Credit: Canva

65 tech cos fired employees in India

65, or nearly 17 percent of the 389 tech companies laying off employees, are either based in India or have their operations here.

Credit: Canva

5 companies account for over half of Indian layoffs

Five new-age tech companies, namely WhiteHat Jr, Bytedance, Paisabazaar, Oyo and Cars24 account for 7,200 layoffs, which is more than half of total layoffs in India.

Credit: WhiteHat Jr

56 out of 65 companies based out of two regions

56 out of the 65 companies which laid off employees in India are based out of two regions – Delhi NCR and Mumbai.

Credit: Canva

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