Travel jobs go up by 44% in a year, gig roles in demand

Travel jobs go up by 44% in a year, gig roles in demand
  • Sales and business development, software and electrical engineer, and marketing and communication professionals are key positions in demand.
  • Freshers and entry-level talent (0-3 years of experience) accounted for 49% of online hiring intent.
  • Gig roles have seen a 14% increase since January 2023.
In August 2023, the Indian tourism sector experienced a surge in demand for talent, with an annual increase of 44%. This growth can be attributed to a combination of factors, including the rise in disposable incomes and an increase in spending on both leisure and business travel within the country, reveals a report by talent platform foundit.

Before the pandemic, India's travel and tourism industry saw impressive growth, with a 16% increase in 2019. However, COVID-19 led to a significant decline in job postings by 47% in 2020 and another 27% drop in 2021 due to travel restrictions and lockdowns.

While 2022 saw a modest 3% increase in hiring, 2023 has witnessed a strong resurgence, driven by restored public confidence in travel and government initiatives to boost tourism.

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India's affordable wellness industry has also played a vital role, attracting medical tourists and contributing to the industry's recovery.

Sys Sekhar Garisa, CEO, foundit, “The travel and tourism industry has truly bounced back from the pandemic with a boom, driven significantly by Government initiatives focused on infrastructural development and heritage promotion. India has also opened its doors by allowing 100% FDI for tourism construction projects, and participation in the G20 summit has further bolstered sustainable tourism in the country.”


Key positions and salary levels

In the travel and tourism industry, key positions in demand, as per foundit data, includes sales and business development (23%), software and electrical engineers (12%), and marketing and communication professionals (8%). Additionally, roles like chefs (5%) and medical representatives (5%) hold significant shares of the job market.

Freshers and entry-level talent (0-3 years of experience) constituted the largest demand segment in August 2023, accounting for 49% of online hiring intent. Employers value freshers for their cost-efficiency, adaptability, and readiness to embrace evolving travel industry technologies like AI and AR/VR. Additionally, intermediate-level professionals (4-6 years) and top management (15+ years) each accounted for 14% of overall demand.

Travel job salaries at different levelsSalaries
Freshers₹288,696 to ₹580,234,
Intermediate level₹529,516 and ₹820,734
Management professioanls₹12,19,515 to ₹18,55,291

Gig roles in demand

Amid the pandemic's layoffs and economic challenges, businesses are turning to digital transformation and technology to recruit and retain employees. An emerging trend is the adoption of the gig economy model in the travel sector to address the talent deficit and meet rising tourist demand. Foundit data shows a 14% growth in gig roles since January 2023.

Tourism often experiences seasonal demand fluctuations, making gig work a flexible solution, especially during peak times and special events. Gig workers help companies manage labour costs efficiently during slower periods. In the travel and tourism industry, gig roles include tour guides, translators, photographers, and event planners, hired on a per-project basis to provide specialised expertise precisely when needed. This approach enhances adaptability and cost-effectiveness in meeting variable demands.