Everything you need to know about PornHub's plans to pioneer the world's first sex tape in space


richard branson vomit comet zero G

Steve Boxall and Zero Gravity Corporation via Virgin

Richard Branson with a crew on the vomit comet. (None of these people will actually be participating in the porn shoot.)

It's finally begun: The largest pornography site on the Internet, PornHub, has announced plans to film the first sex tape in space.

On June 10, PornHub announced their latest project to the world by launching an Indiegogo campaign to raise the estimated $3.4 million it'll cost to make the tape. They raised over $10,000 within the first day.

Jokes aside, sex in space may turn out to be a pretty important scientific endeavor. It could play a key role, for example, in helping us get to other planets outside of our solar system that might take hundreds of years, and subsequently multiple generations, to reach.

Judging from PornHub's Vimeo preview of what they plan to do, however, there will be little to no scientific investigations involved in this first attempt to record sex in space. According to comments from Eva Lovia, the woman to star in the film if it gets enough funding, one of the most important goals of the project will be learning what it's like to orgasm in space.

Regardless, the entire team of PornHub staff - which would include Lovia and her potential male counterpart, Johnny Sins - will have to rely on scientists. PornHub explained to us how they plan to get this project off of the ground over email.


Here's what PornHub had to say about the project:

Business Insider: How did you come up with your goal of $3.4 million?

PornHub: Much of the allocation of funds took place over a number of months and tons of research. We had to scale out our intended funding goal based on various components and figures that we compiled over said research period, which is why you see the pie chart breakdown on the campaign page. It takes into account cost of the flight, insurance, crew (production/flight), donator perks, equipment retrofitting and outfitting, etc. Lots of moving parts here, but we think we were able to accurately break it all down in a way that makes sense to our users and donators.

BUSINESS INSIDER: If you achieve your funding goal, when (exact date if possible) do you plan to send Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins into space?

PH: We don't have an exact date, but upon meeting our funding goal, yes we fully expect to be sending them into space. We're tentatively scheduled to do so at this point in late 2016 based on our roughest estimates.


BI: If you achieve your funding goal, who (NASA, SpaceX, Blue Origin, the European Space Agency, or the Russian Federal Space Agency) will send your brave porn stars into space?

PH: We're actually currently in talks with a number of companies, but because of the nature of our endeavor, we aren't really able to disclose the details of those talks just yet for fear that that would risk unnecessary fallout from the aforementioned parties.

BI: Where do you plan to film this epic space episode? The International Space Station? A private spacecraft?

PH: The production of the video will begin inside the ship when the space craft takes flight. Filming will commence upon takeoff and as the ship climbs in altitude, so too will the lovemaking. However, we are currently contemplating having a short amount of pre-production hours allocated for preparation and some quick rehearsal prior to lift off to take place on the ground at the hub of whichever consumer flight company we end up going with.

Essentially, the way we'll be timing actual filming while the act is taking place is that as soon as the ship reaches its maximum altitude there will be weightlessness (zero gravity) for at least a few minutes. Our actors will be having sex and climaxing within that time frame - ideally, of course. Thankfully we have a very experienced production crew and directorial team to help make the money shot happen in a way that looks dynamic and revolutionary for viewers.


Check out the Vimeo preview below:

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