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6 Elements your small business website should have

6 Elements your small
business website should have<b></b><b></b>
Is your small business website successfully pulling in visitors, keeping them around and converting them to customers? On the off chance that your website is somewhat more than an online placeholder, it's an ideal opportunity to begin giving it something to do so you can develop your business and exploit the tremendous potential customer base for the online market.

If you hope to maximize your traffic, your site must have the following 6 elements:

Domain Name

Make your private domain name something easy to remember. Ideally the name of your business because if you don’t people are forgetful creatures

Phone Friendly

Expect half of your visitors to see your site on their phones.

Will your site display properly? Will your menus work as proposed? On the other hand will visitors be forced to scroll sideways just to see the whole of each page?


The only reason to convey individuals to your website is to persuade them to make some sort of move. That may incorporate signing up for your newsletter, going by a landing page or buying a low-valued product to enter your sales funnel. Ensure you have different calls to action for different offers.

Contact Information

You wouldn't have any desire to lose a customer to a contender since you made it troublesome for them to get in touch with you. Not every online visitor has the patience to click through each page on your website to find the contact information


Your visitors need to realize that other individuals have benefitted from working with your organization. Use social proof to demonstrate. Incorporate customer testimonials praising you and your staff. Post case studies enumerating customers' examples of overcoming adversity.


The customers who know your name can find your website. So upgrading your site with the goal that individuals can find you through Google when they search "your organization's name" isn't necessary. Obviously you should incorporate your organization name on your website and in the metadata, however the fact is that your organization's name will be on your website so much that you most likely can't resist the urge to be found on Google for it. Rather, concentrate on generic terms that customers who may not know your business are searching for.


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