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Best leather wallets for men

Best leather wallets for men
How we do our research
Our ranking criteria

When creating the guide for men's wallets, we consider several factors that provide style with functionality. We look for the design, size, compartments, material and price of the wallets. Also, we keep the user rating in mind.

Things to look for while buying
When buying a wallet for men, one must look for a compact size that fits in the pocket comfortably. One should check the number of compartments and materials of the wallet for ample space and durability.

WalletsSpecial featureCard slotsProduct links
Urban Forest WalletRFID Protected6B07MX26G8P
Hornbull Men's WalletRFID Blocking6B0719BDVB2
AL FASCINO WalletRFID Protected6B07B7J7FFH
Spiffy WalletIncludes Card Holders, Photo & ID Holder11B07PB423Z8
TITAN WalletSmart WalletNot mentionedB01B4J9C9A

Urban Forest Oliver Leather Wallet for Men

Contemporary Design

The Urban Forest Oliver wallet is compact, sleek and spacious that can fit easily in your pocket. It is a bi-fold wallet with multiple compartments to organise your essentials. It features a zippered compartment to keep important bills and notes. It has a contemporary design, and the wallet is robust and durable.The Urban Forest Oliver wallet has a polyester interior fabric that makes it highly durable.

Spacious design
Sleek and stylish

Hornbull Men's Leather Wallet

RFID Blocking

The Hornbull leather wallet has four compartments and it can block RFID skimming to keep you safe from scammers. The wallet has dedicated compartments to keep your essentials like cards and cash. The wallet is made with genuine leather and has an inner cloth lining that enhances the durability of the product.The Hornbull wallet comes with stitched edges that give it a fashionable look.

Durable design
Multiple compartments

Hammonds Flycatcher Wallet

Minimalist Design

The Hammonds Flycatcher Wallet has a classy vintage design that can complement your style. The compact and spacious wallets come with compartments to organise your essentials like cards and cash. It is a minimalist wallet that ensures you have enough space to carry your essentials. It comes with a coin pocket to keep the little change.The Hammonds Flycatcher wallet has a vertical design and offers a slim silhouette to make it comfortable for carrying in the pocket of your choice.

Convenient access
Bi-fold design

AL FASCINO Leather Wallet

Stylish Design

The Al Fascino wallet is spacious and compact. It offers RFID protection that prevents data theft from your credit or debit card. It has an elegant and classy design that can add value to your fashion statement. It comes with spacious compartments and card slots to store your essentials. The wallet is made with premium leather and is suitable for everyday usage.The Al Fascino wallet is sleek and slim but has enough space to keep your essential safe while you travel.

Stylish and durable design
Genuine leather

Spiffy Leather Wallet

Genuine Hunter Leather

The Spiffy wallet is made with 100% genuine hunter leather that gives it durability and style. It comes with multiple compartments that allow you to organise your cards and cash with convenience. It features an outer push button that keeps your wallet safe from stuffing non-essentials.The Spiffy wallet features an elegant finish and exquisite texture that can enhance your style.

Detachable ATM card walletBit costly
Durable textured leather

TITAN Leather Men's Wallet

Bi-Fold Design

The Titan wallet is a high-quality product that is made of leather. It features two main compartments to keep your cash. It comes with multiple card compartments and a coin pocket to help you organise effectively. The sleek wallet has a bi-fold design and enough space for you to keep the essentials safe.The Titan wallet has a stylish design and it is a suitable option for gifting your loved ones.

Simple designExpensive
Ample space

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