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Breaking News: Mukesh Ambani launches ‘JioPhone’ for free. Here are all the details

Breaking News: Mukesh Ambani launches ‘JioPhone’ for free. Here are all the details
Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani launched India ka ‘JioPhone’ at Rs 0. This is going to disrupt the smartphone market.

Ambani said they plan to collect refundable deposit of Rs 1500 from users to protect misuse of the free offer. A JioPhone user can use the phone for 36 months and get back the deposit amount.

“Today, Jio is going to reinvent the conventional feature phone. Let me introduce India ka Intelligent SmartPhone-JioPhone,” announced Ambani.

"We plan to collect a fully refundable, one-time, security deposit of Rs 1,500 with everyone. From 15th August, 2017, all Indians will have access to the highest quality & quantity, affordable & unlimited data," said Ambani, adding "This is how Jio will end the digital exclusion in India. And this is what I call true digital freedom."

The JioPhone will be available from September and the pre-booking will start from August 24. "The JioPhone will be available for user testing in beta from 15th August and for pre-booking from 24th August," said Ambani.

Starting August 15, JioPhone will give users unlimited data to feature phone users. JioPhone will have Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan plan at Rs 153. In order to fit every pocket, Mukesh Ambani introduced two sachets, launching weekly plans.

"If these users were to consume a similar quantity of data on other operator's network, they would spend Rs 4,000 – 5,000 per month. Jio will provide this at only Rs 153 per month, that is one-thirtieth, 3% of the existing price," said Ambani.

Ambani dedicated the JioPhone to the nation and said digital life will no longer be the privilege of the affluent few.

"JioPhone will make the 2G feature phone obsolete. With this, I am sure Jio will set a new world record. From last quarter of 2017, all Jio phones will be made in India. We are targeting to have 5 million Jio Phones a week," said Ambani.

JioPhone is a ‘Made in India’ 4G VoLTE enabled smartphone and is designed to be easy and friendly.

The JioPhone supports all Indian languages. Voice calls from JioPhone will be free and 50 crore feature phone users don't have access to basic internet. Today, every young India should have information access at his fingertips and this is what JioPhone will enable," said Ambani.

He said the digital disempowerment and unfairness must end and Jio is committed to end it. "We shall achieve this in three ways – Connectivity, Data Affordability and Device Affordability," said Ambani.


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