Ola S1 Pro Guwahati accident: Ola alleges the victim was overspeeding and braked in panic, leading to the accident

Ola S1 Pro Guwahati accident: Ola alleges the victim was overspeeding and braked in panic, leading to the accident
The Ola S1 Pro involved in the accident in GuwahatiBalwant Singh / Twitter
  • The Ola S1 Pro has been in the news for several wrong reasons – the most prominent being fires.
  • Ola’s first electric scooter has also been in the news for reports of a few incidents of scooter malfunctioning, leading to either scooter damage or accidents.
  • The latest incident is from Guwahati, where an Ola S1 Pro rider endured fractures and over a dozen stitches.
Ola S1 Pro, the first electric scooter from Ola, has been under fire – quite literally – for several fires and other incidents involving the scooter. Now, the company has come back with an investigation report into the Ola S1 Pro Guwahati incident.

According to the findings of Ola’s investigation, the victim was apparently ‘overspeeding’ and ‘braked in panic’, leading to the accident.

The company revealed its findings in a statement on Twitter, highlighting that the victim had been overspeeding for nearly 30 minutes, touching a top speed of 115 kilometres per hour (kmph). It is worth pointing out that this is the top rated speed of the Ola S1 Pro.

According to Ola, the rider in this case had three different overspeeding sessions – during the first two, he travelled 11 kilometres.

The accident occurred during the third session – the victim was apparently riding with the Hyper mode enabled, reaching a top speed of 95 kmph.

During the third session, the rider, as per Ola, panicked, hitting all the three brakes – front, rear, and the regenerative one wherein the throttle is reversed.

Here’s where Ola and the victim’s father differ – according to the company, the Ola S1 Pro did not malfunction, as there was no sudden torque or acceleration observed during the investigation.

But the victim’s father, Balwant Singh, has alleged that there was a fault in regenerative braking, wherein instead of slowing down, the Ola S1 Pro accelerated to the extent that it caused an accident.

Singh also states that the S1 Pro went ‘airborne’, eventually crashing and skidding. His son ended up with a fracture in his left hand and 16 stitches on the right hand, after being flown from Guwahati to Mumbai for the treatment.

Business Insider has reached out to Balwant Singh seeking more details and clarity into the matter. We have not yet received any response. We will update this story if and when Singh responds.


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