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Agra tourism industry on a boom, despite pollution and war cries

Agra tourism industry on a boom, despite pollution and war cries
The steady increase in footfalls during the Dussehra vacation and Diwali holidays has buoyed the hopes of the local tourism industry which had taken a beating during the pandemic years.

"The clouds of despair and despondency have cleared and we are hoping to welcome a record number of tourists this season, though the number of foreign visitors has not picked momentum yet," a hotelier of Taj Ganj, Sandip said.

The hospitality industry in Agra is hoping that the number of European tourists could go up, as there has been a remarkable improvement in travel facilities and a comparatively safer environment in Uttar Pradesh.

"India remains a colourful and affordable destination for most foreign tourists. A large number of tourists who land in Goa, take a short break to visit Agra and Jaipur, but since there is no air connectivity between Agra and Goa, tourism suffers," tourist guide Ved Gautam said.

Despite the air pollution in Delhi and Agra, people are venturing out. The tourism season has begun on a happy note with thousands of foreign visitors crowding up the Taj Mahal to see the monument of love against the rising sun.

Undoubtedly, the Taj continues to remain a hot favourite, and the foreign visitors in the hundreds already here as early as 6 a.m, clearly means they have spent the night in Agra hotels. Hoteliers say night stay has declined, but there seems no proof of this fear. The monsoon rains brought down the air pollution level in the vicinity of the Taj in September and the Yamuna, too, was flowing full at the rear.

"Foreign tourists are simply mesmerised by the charm of the Taj Mahal, and spend hours at the monument," said a guide escorting a group from Italy.

However, in October the smog started engulfing the whole city reducing visibility in the morning. But this has not deterred tourists from visiting the Mughal monuments.

"Holidays are a time for students' groups from all over India to visit the Taj Mahal and other historical monuments in Agra. Entry to children below 15 years remains free."

Tourism organisations in the city have been blaming government agencies for not maintaining the roads and civic amenities. This generates a lot of negativity about tourism in Agra.

"The police has been rather indifferent to the problems tourists face from unauthorised guides called 'Lapkas', who harass and pester the tourists everywhere."

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