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A TikToker showed why 'influencer makeup' doesn't work in real life

Samantha Grindell   

A TikToker showed why 'influencer makeup' doesn't work in real life
  • Bennet Northen posted a TikTok showing the difference between "influencer makeup" and his normal routine.
  • The video highlighted how many of the makeup videos you see online are designed for entertainment.

A TikToker is pointing out the pitfalls of "influencer makeup."

Social media plays a huge role in the beauty space, with videos of people doing their makeup or reviewing beauty products racking up millions of views and leading to brand deals for creators.

They can also help to create trends within the beauty industry, with features like faux freckles and temporary tattoos becoming popular steps in makeup routines thanks to influencers on TikTok.

But as Bennet Northen pointed out in a recent video, the makeup you see influencers wear in their content may not be right for your real life.

Bennet Northen filmed a side-by-side video of 'influencer makeup' and his normal beauty routine

Northen filmed a video of himself applying popular makeup styles from TikTok on one side of his face and his normal makeup routine on the other to highlight the difference between the two. The video has 7.8 million views as of Wednesday.


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The methods for the "influencer" side gave Northen a harsher look, while his normal routine was more subtle and required fewer products.

For instance, Northen poured foundation directly onto his face on one side, noting that it was "unsanitary" and "wasteful" even though it's a popular way to apply the product on TikTok. He then poured a small amount of foundation on his hand and used a brush to apply it on the other side of his face, which he said gave his complexion a more even look.

Northen also applied a cream blush, a powder blush, bronzer, and highlighter to the cheekbone for the influencer-inspired side of his face because super colorful makeup looks have become popular on TikTok. But Northen noted that influencers typically apply all those products in one spot, which isn't effective for a real-life look, even if it pops on camera.

"By layering the blush, the bronzer, and the highlighter all in one area, it just takes away the premise of each product," he said, instead applying bronzer in circular motions to specific areas and a small amount of powder blush.

'Influencer makeup' might not be right for day-to-day looks

Northen told Business Insider that he decided to make the video after realizing how methods he saw online didn't create the look he was going for in his normal life.

"I realized how much more makeup it takes to give the same effect on camera versus in person," Northen said. "I found myself slathering on my products on camera just to get the natural finish I usually opt for off camera."

"Influencer makeup is much different from day-to-day makeup for work, school, errands, etc.," he said. "One is a much more practical style, and one is generated for entertainment."

Northen added that he still thinks makeup tutorials from some influencers are valuable, but viewers should bear in mind that the creator may just be making their content for entertainment or creating a look just to shine on camera.

"We have to remember that influencers typically don't get much out of anything 'predictable,' if you will," Northen added. "Influencer content tends to be dramatic for a reaction from the viewer."

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