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'Fast X' star Sung Kang discusses the movie's shocking ending and what that big spoiler at the end means for Han going forward

Kirsten Acuna   

'Fast X' star Sung Kang discusses the movie's shocking ending and what that big spoiler at the end means for Han going forward
  • Warning: There are spoilers for "Fast X."
  • Sung Kang told Insider a scene cut from the movie would've addressed Han's adopted daughter, Elle.

Sung Kang wants Han to get his happy ending with Gisele, but the cliffhanger ending in "Fast X" may complicate that.

The saga's 10th installment concluded with a majority of the "Fast" family in peril as Dante (Jason Momoa) exacted revenge on Dom's crew for killing his father and stealing their fortune in the franchise's fifth movie.

As a result, Jakob (John Cena) sacrificed his life for Dom (Vin Diesel), and Dom and Little Brian stare down an impending flood. Meanwhile, the lives of Han, Roman (Tyrese), Tej (Ludacris), and Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) hang in the balance after their cargo plane crashed into the side of a mountain.

Moments later, the love of his life Gisele (Gal Gadot), previously thought dead at the end of 2013's "Fast 6," popped out of a submarine greeting a surprised Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) in Antarctica.

Surely, this can't be the way Han goes out.

When Insider caught up with Kang over Zoom earlier this month, he wasn't acting like this will be the last we see of the snack-loving member of Dom's crew. Kang said characters are always coming back in the "Fast Saga" and Han's no stranger to returning from the grave. After being killed from the franchise in "Tokyo Drift"/"Fast 6," Han returned in 2021's "Fast 9."

Instead of ruminating on the fiery conundrum Han's currently caught up in, Kang referenced potential future storylines in the "Fast" mythology.

He hopes a cut scene featuring Han's adopted daughter Elle will lead to a "Father Sung" moment in the next outing.

If you're unsatisfied with how the Deckard and Han reunion (first teased in "F9") played out, Kang teased that "justice for Han" isn't complete, pondering what the "justice" demanded by fans entails. He considered the possibility of Han and Deckard teaming up after making peace with each other and expressed his eagerness for Han to reunite with Gisele despite an uncertain fate.

Kang says Paul Walker was the best driver in the 'Fast' fam

We get to see you behind the wheels of a new car in "Fast X," an orange and black Alfa. Who are the best and worst drivers in the "Fast Fam" and how much of that driving are you actually doing in the new film?

Great question. I would say the best driver was Paul. Paul Walker was the best driver. He was such a lover of motorsports and he was always on the track. I would say he's the best.

I don't know who the worst is. Everybody has their skillset. When you watch the movie, we all have our worst moments because, at the end of the day, each character's always crashing their cars. So I don't think any of us — we know how to go fast, but sometimes we need to learn how to stop the cars.

Kang wasn't surprised to learn about the film's ending since they're always bringing people back from the dead

What was your reaction when you read the script and learned "Fast X" was ending on a cliffhanger? It's the first time this has ever been done in the franchise.

Yeah, well, I'm used to that.

The franchise is all about cliffhangers, wanting to bring you back and they have a history of killing off characters and bringing them back, too. So I wasn't that surprised. It works.

The whole point is to keep the audience wanting more, right? I think it was well achieved.

A cut scene would've addressed Han's adopted daughter, Elle

Where is Elle in this film? She was introduced in "Fast 9" as your adopted daughter. I don't believe that there was a mention of her in "Fast X." Did you have any discussions about where she may be?

Yes. Actually, there was a scene shot kind of hinting where she was, but it didn't make the cut.

Vin had a great idea because he loves to talk about mythology and minute details of the characters and their origin, their background, and other characters that have connected tissue. Because the whole theme of "Fast" has always been family, every character has to be rooted in that. Every step that they take in their story has to be rooted in that theme and the purpose and the importance of family.

Dialogue was happening with Vin and the producers and Louis going, "What's Han's motivation? Why does he do this stuff? What drives him? What is he feeling guilty about? What is his motivation to come back or survive this Rome heist? What makes him tick? What wakes him up in the morning? What keeps him on the straight line?"

And it's Elle.

Elle, in our story now, is in school and we wanted to incorporate her, but there's just so much real estate.

Hopefully, in the next, there's more opportunity, there's more room to explore that because that's what grounds the characters and makes them relatable. Driving fast and saving the world and hair flowing, all of that, that's nice. You need that.

But then you want those moments with Gisele and Elle — a father Sung moment, a romantic moment. There's room for that.

There was a lot of discussion over Han's hair for continuity with 'Fast 9'

"Fast X" continues the "Fast 9" end-credit scene between Han and Deckard. Obviously, you guys refilmed that because your hair is now long in "Fast X." Were you ever asked to cut your hair for continuity?

Yes. That's why I tuck it back. I realized in "Fast 9," the reason I was very bullish and I wanted Han's hair to be short, is he's in hiding. If he's walking around looking like Han, it doesn't really make any sense to the character. You cut his hair, he kind of blends in.

But I realized that there are a few things that people need from Han, they expect from Han. They want snacks, they want cool cars, and they want his hair. The hair is almost like a superpower. It's one of his weapons. It's synonymous to what defines Han. And I was like, "Hey, you know, I think in 10 it'd be nice to have long hair." But I didn't realize the timeline was almost the same.

Because everybody is OCD about their work and they're into details, details are what matters, there were a lot of notes and discussion about, "Hey, Han's hair in the tag is short. How are we gonna do it?" We did these tests where you get really close with the tucked-in back hair. It could kind of match that. And so that was the whole thinking of it.

How the Han and Deckard scene delivers partial 'Justice for Han'

How much did you speak and weigh in on how to handle the Deckard and Han scene in "Fast X?" Director Louis Leterrier told me your time together on-screen with Deckard was supposed to be a bit shorter, originally.

Yeah. The beauty of our team, our producers, director, and all the other cast members, and the shorthand we have with the crew, allows us to really take the time and have open discussions about how these scenes are honest to the storyline, honest to the mythology, and honest to what the characters are going through in the story in our journey.

This theme of "Justice for Han," Han comes to see Deckard for justice. In "Fast 9," that's what it was set up as. What is that justice? Is it to pound on Deckard for "killing" me? He didn't. Han and Mr. Nobody set up Deckard to fake my death, but Deckard did not know that. So I could go and hide and raise this adopted daughter of mine and be discreet.

So he was set up. He thinks I'm coming there to enact revenge, but I'm there to bring him into the fold to finally explain and give justice to the fans. I think in eight, fans were questioning why would the person who killed the beloved family member be accepted into the family circle?

This is addressing that for our larger mythology of the "Fast" universe to go: Why is Deckard Shaw now part of the "Fast" family? How could Dominic Toretto and the rest of the team accept this murderer into the fold? And this explains it. So that is the justice.

And, the beauty of that theme is, is justice fighting? Is it violence? No. Sometimes justice is peace and accepting and explaining, and this is the justice that happens. Now, Han and Deckard can team up. Deckard can now join the team and use his powers for good. So it's great. And it's Jason Statham. He has to be a hero. He has to be a good guy.

Do you feel like we finally have "Justice for Han?" Are you happy? Because it seems like we still have a little ways to go.

Oh, yeah. I mean, justice is not just on a physical level. It's internal too. I think it's a great setup for the next one.

Is the "Justice for Han" to find his lost love again? Is that the justice? And does he deserve it? Has he earned it? Does he deserve that justice in his life for sacrificing? In a way he probably walks around with guilt that he's the one that should have died, not Gisele, right? How did that happen? So where is that justice? How is that served?

Kang's ready for a Han and Gisele reunion

In 2021, you told me you would love to see Gal Gadot back in the "Fast Saga." This was the quote you said: "I think we need Gisele back. We need to make that happen somehow." And you did!

What was your reaction when you learned that Gisele was alive and that Gadot was coming back to the "Fast" franchise? Did you weigh in on her return? Did you know back in 2021 that that was maybe happening?

I don't think I needed to weigh in on anything because it's in the zeitgeist. You were talking about it. Obviously, you're a fan of the franchise and you followed us on our journey and it's something that you wanted, right? So, it's almost like common sense.

You have to have these human, relatable things that ground the film so people can understand even if you're not a car person, if you're not into action. Somebody understands the journey of being in love and losing someone.

That love story, to have that already ingrained, it's easy to accept that and to even expect that in our franchise.

People forget one of the most beautiful and long-living love stories in the franchise is between Dom and Letty.

In "Fast X," you see and you feel how authentic the love for those two characters is for each other. I was moved. I forgot how much I love these guys for loving each other. Those quiet moments in the bedroom, I was like, man "Fast" does a great job of balancing the relationships and grounding it.

So, I look forward to that happening with, you know, Han and Gisele.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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