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Let's talk about Emily's wispy French girl bangs in the new 'Emily in Paris' trailer

Keyaira Boone   

Let's talk about Emily's wispy French girl bangs in the new 'Emily in Paris' trailer
  • "Emily in Paris" returns to Netflix for a third season on December 21.
  • Midwestern native Emily Cooper is sporting bangs in a new trailer.

Emily Cooper rocks wispy bangs in the upcoming third season of "Emily in Paris," ushering in a new beauty era for the fictional social media star.

A trailer shows the social media guru, played by Lily Collins, frantically snipping her fringe in the mirror as her friend-turned-roommate Mindy Chen stands by horrified.

Overwhelmed by a string of career blunders and awkward sexual encounters that even her excessive pastry consumption can not fix, Emily gives herself bangs as a symbol of her decision to stay in Paris and take a risk.

She may not have control over her desire for Chef Gabriel or Madeline Wheeler's decision to staff the Savoir office with young, underpaid lemmings, but she does have full say in her hairstyling choices.

These bangs not only represent Emily's inner turmoil — largely sparked by her pledge to leave Savoir for the unnamed marketing firm of her former boss Sylvie Grateau— but they also highlight her character's style evolution.

Emily wears the bangs in a variety of ways, including plastered to her forehead with a messy half-up half-down style and paired with long strands fanning behind her throughout the season.

The look also mirrors the trend of French girl bangs infiltrating the American beauty landscape.

Vogue labeled "Modern French Fringe" the ultimate beauty trend of the summer in August 2020 and, like Emily Cooper, it seems like the style is here to stay.

Selena Gomez posted a snap of herself wearing wispy bangs in March, Anne Hathaway wore a side-swept version to promote her movie "Locked Down," and Dua Lipa wore them to the Albie Awards.

A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez)

The famed French actress Bridget Bardot owned this look in the 1960s, inspiring copycats worldwide. Fuller and more romantic than Emily's modern take on the trend, Bardot's signature bangs helped cement her status as a timeless style icon.

However, the current French girl look is not as effortless as it seems.

When it works, it works. But the carefree look is easy to fumble. The trailer indicates that Emily gets a better handle on the style as the season progresses.

Throughout season one, Emily stuck to structured hairstyles, like the voluminous ponytails she wore with the Pierre Cadault dress at the American Friends of The Lourve auction and the Chopard party. She also wore several fun hats and sleek ponytails. Her style was loud, but not exactly risky.

It looks like a change is coming to the city of light.

"Emily in Paris" returns to Netflix on December 21. See the trailer below.

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