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Mel B reveals she wasn't wearing underwear while receiving an award from Prince William

Ayomikun Adekaiyero   

Mel B reveals she wasn't wearing underwear while receiving an award from Prince William
  • Mel B told The Sun that she wasn't wearing underwear when meeting Prince William on Wednesday.
  • Mel B received an MBE, a British award, for her work as a patron for the Women's Aid charity.

Spice Girl Mel B told the UK's The Sun that she decided not to wear underwear underneath her dress when receiving a prestigious award from Prince William at Buckingham Palace earlier this week.

On Wednesday, Mel B, whose birth name is Melanie Brown, was given an MBE for her work as patron for Women's Aid, a domestic violence charity. The British award, also known as the Order of the British Empire, is awarded to people who are making a positive impact in their line of work.

In an interview with The Sun after the event, Mel B said she decided to go "stark, buttock naked" to the event after a conversation with her Spice Girls band member-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham, who flew in from Miami to handpick Mel B's outfit.

"Victoria asked me, 'Will you wear nipple covers?' I said, 'Why bother?'" Mel B recalled.

During the ceremony, when Prince William had to pin the MBE onto her dress, the royal asked for a female official to do it instead.

"I didn't think I had that much cleavage on show!" Mel B said, adding that she "felt guilty" during the event because she spent "so long" talking to Prince William and held up the line for other people to collect their awards.

"I think William thought I was receiving the MBE for being a Spice Girl," Mel B added, "but I told him that it was for my work on domestic violence. He wanted to hear all about it."

Previously, Mel B opened up about her own "abusive marriage" in her 2018 autobiography "Brutally Honest." She's been working with Women's Aid, a British charity "working to end domestic abuse," according to its website, ever since.

Mel B told The Sun that Prince William said, "'That must be really fulfilling for you to talk about it and help women'. I said that my story is exactly like so many of the women I meet and that I managed to get out and survive. It was a really good conversation and a very special moment for me."

The pair also spoke about the Spice Girls reuniting.

"William told me, 'I'm so delighted that it's me giving you this. And he asked, 'Will you get the Spice Girls back together?' I told him I was having dinner with Victoria that evening and he said, 'Oh good, I'll work on David then,'" Mel B recalled, referencing Beckham's husband.

Mel B recently reunited with another Spice Girl band member, Emma Bunton, for the fourth season of "The Circle." In the reality series where contestants can only communicate through social media, the two stars are pretending to be a man named Jared to see how far they can get in the show before being discovered.

The first four episodes of Netflix's "The Circle" premiered on Wednesday.


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