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Monica Rambeau just had a big moment in 'WandaVision,' and fans are so excited

Jacob Sarkisian   

Monica Rambeau just had a big moment in 'WandaVision,' and fans are so excited
  • SPOILERS: Monica Rambeau had a big moment in the latest episode of "WandaVision."
  • The episode almost acted as Rambeau's origin story and she now seems to have superpowers.
  • In the comics, Rambeau is also known as the superhero Photon/Spectrum.

Monica Rambeau just had a pretty special moment in the latest episode of "WandaVision." Teyonah Parris' character has been a key part of the show so far, but she now looks to be an integral part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe going forward following episode seven's reveal.

Warning: Spoilers.

Fans have been speculating for a while now that Monica Rambeau could gain superpowers as a result of going in and out of Wanda's Westview, which is encircled by energy boundaries.

In the comics, Rambeau is also known as superhero Photon/Pulsar, and, more recently, Spectrum. She gained her powers after being hit by extradimensional energy and is known as the second Captain Marvel.

Up until episode seven, Rambeau was a captain for S.W.O.R.D. trying to help Agent Jimmy Woo (Randall Park) and S.W.O.R.D. acting director Tyler Hayward (Josh Stamberg) figure out what was going on with Westview. Now, however, Rambeau looks to have had her origin story as Photon.

While in the comics, the extradimensional energy came from an energy disruptor weapon, the energy that hit Rambeau in the show came from the force field surrounding Wanda's Westview. She has been through the force field a couple of times but after Wanda expanded the radius of Westview in episode six, the walls of energy looked stronger than ever in this latest episode.

They were so strong that Rambeau couldn't get through with a heavily-armored space vehicle. Instead, she walked through by herself in a trippy sequence where we heard the voices of several key characters including a young Monica, her mother Maria, Nick Fury, and Captain Marvel herself, Carol Danvers.

The voices also spoke about Monica's mother Maria, and included dialogue from "Captain Marvel" as Monica forced her way through the energy barrier. The last line in the sequence came from Danvers: "Your mum's lucky. When they were handing out kids, they gave her the toughest one."

This gave Monica the strength to push through, and she emerged into Westview with glowing blue eyes and heightened vision.

Her new outfit inside the static wall was also significant. The colors and pattern closely resemble the superhero costume of Photon from the comics, which fans adored.

After that, we got to see Wanda and Monica briefly face off against one another, concluding in Monica's first ever superhero landing.

Monica Rambeau was first played by Akira and Azari Akbar as an eleven-year-old and five-year-old, respectively, in "Captain Marvel." Monica's mother Maria featured in that movie extensively, played by Lashana Lynch.

Maria died during the five-year Blip caused by "Avengers: Infinity," in which Monica was snapped away only to return after the events of "Endgame." Monica looks to be a key player in the MCU going forward, and will appear in "Captain Marvel 2."


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