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Pink takes legal action against Pharrell Williams over his 'P.Inc' trademark

Lauren Edmonds   

Pink takes legal action against Pharrell Williams over his 'P.Inc' trademark
  • Lawyers for Pink, often stylized P!nk, filed legal action against Pharrell Williams on Thursday.
  • The Notice of Opposition was filed against Williams' attempt to trademark "P.Inc."

Pink has taken legal action against Pharrell Williams to stop his attempt to trademark the term "P.Inc."

Pink, 44, filed the Notice of Opposition against Williams through her company, Lefty Paw Print, on Thursday. Williams, 51, is represented by his company, PW IP Holdings.

Documents included in the Notice of Opposition show that Lefty Paw Print owns several trademarks for Pink. The first trademark application was filed in 1999 and registered in 2001. Lefty Paw Print wrote that Pink "has spent substantial time, effort and money promoting the goods and services" under the trademarks.

Lefty Paw Print wrote that Williams filed a trademark application for "P.Inc" in May 2023.

"Applicant's P.INC Mark is similar to the PINK Marks in sight, sound, meaning, and commercial impression," the document read.

The company added that Williams is "likely to market and promote its goods through the same channels of trade and to the same consumers" as Pink.

The Notice of Opposition said that the resemblance between Pink — sometimes stylized "P!nk" — and "P.Inc" would confuse consumers.

"Such registration would be a source of damage and injury to Opposer," the document said, referring to Pink and Lefty Paw Print.

Representatives for Pink and Williams did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.

Pink's notice isn't the only trademark battle Williams is facing right now.

Williams' longtime collaborator, Chad Hugo, accused him of seeking sole control of The Neptunes' trademarks, according to Variety. Hugo's lawyers said Williams' trademark attempt violates an agreement between him and Hugo to split everything equally.

"Throughout their over 30-year history, [Hugo] and Williams agreed to, and in fact, have divided all assets," Hugo's attorney wrote in the legal action. "By ignoring and excluding [Hugo] from any and all applications filed by the applicant for the mark 'The Neptunes,' applicant has committed fraud in securing the trademarks and acted in bad faith."

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