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See the Charlie Brown-themed Thanksgiving feast that a zoo in Chicago is giving its lemurs

Matthew Loh   

See the Charlie Brown-themed Thanksgiving feast that a zoo in Chicago is giving its lemurs
  • Two lemurs at the Brookfield Zoo were treated to an early Charlie Brown-themed Thanksgiving feast.
  • The Brookfield Zoo replicated the iconic cartoon meal, but with a few twists to suit the lemurs.

The Brookfield Zoo in Illinois threw an early Thanksgiving feast for its lemurs on Wednesday, with a spread inspired by the iconic "Peanuts" TV special that first aired 50 years ago.

The meal replicated the same dinner enjoyed by the young characters of the Emmy-winning "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving," including toast, jellybeans, popcorn, and pie.

But some menu tweaks had to be made for the two ring-tailed lemurs, Ramses and Moses, the Brookfield Zoo said on Wednesday.

In lieu of toast, each lemur received a primate biscuit mixed with honey, and their "jellybeans" were made out of sugar-free strawberry and lime gelatin, the zoo said.

Their popcorn was air-popped, without salt and butter, the zoo said.

And the "pumpkin pie" was made of mashed sweet potatoes with almonds and puffed rice cereal, the zoo added.

"The Zoo's creative animal care staff replicated the iconic meal while still keeping it nutritious for the two ring-tailed lemurs," its statement said.

It tweeted a video of the 16-year-old lemurs tucking into their meal on Wednesday.

The entire enclosure was decorated to look the part, too. Apple juice was served in cups with the design of Charlie Brown's famous shirt.

Behind the lemurs' picnic table, the sweet potato pies were placed on a makeshift food stand offering "Thanksgiving pies" for five cents.

A pair of fake ice cream sundaes with cherries also featured, constructed out of tissue paper. Parfaits don't interest lemurs, the Brookfield Zoo said.

This year marks the 10th time that the Brookfield Zoo has treated its lemurs to a Thanksgiving meal.

Wild ring-tailed lemurs, hailing from Madagascar, eat mostly fruit and leaves, with the occasional insect and small vertebrate, per the Brookfield Zoo website.

The lemurs at the Brookfield Zoo get a regular diet of sweet potatoes, carrots, fruit mixes, and primate food products, the website said.

"A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving," in which cartoon character Charlie Brown and his friends eat a makeshift holiday meal of snack foods, has been a staple TV special for many who celebrate Thanksgiving.

It first aired on CBS in 1973, and is now owned by Apple. The tech giant put the special exclusively on its Apple TV+ streaming catalogue in 2020, but was contractually obligated to air it for several days on PBS in 2020 and 2021. The special will not be aired this year.

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