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The 'Fallout' TV series faithfully brings the games to life. Here are 10 details you may have missed.

Eammon Jacobs   

The 'Fallout' TV series faithfully brings the games to life. Here are 10 details you may have missed.
Power armor in "Fallout."Amazon Prime Video
  • Amazon's "Fallout" TV series is a live-action adaptation of the postapocalyptic video game.
  • The show features weapons, food, music, and monsters seen in the games.

Prime Video's "Fallout" is based on the video game franchise of the same name from Bethesda Softworks and Interplay. As such, it includes plenty of details and references to the games that seasoned players and newcomers alike will be intrigued by.

The show focuses on Lucy MacLean (Ella Purnell), a young woman who grew up in an underground bunker, Vault 33, which sheltered her ancestors from nuclear war. When her father goes missing, she leaves the safety of the bunker to rescue him.

The show had a $153 million budget, according to Variety. After watching the whole season, it's very clear that a lot of that money was spent on recreating faithful sets, props, and effects from the games.

Here are some details in "Fallout" you might've missed.

Comics and magazines

Comics and magazines
A TV showing "Grognak the Barbarian," and an issue of "Tesla Science Magazine" in "Fallout."      Amazon Prime Video

In the "Fallout" games, players get points toward their in-game skillsets if they find specific comics and magazines hidden across the map.

The first episode starts with a flashback to the 21st century, as a group of children watch an episode of "Grognak the Barbarian." In the games, the "Grognak" comic adds a point to players' "Barbarian" perk.

Then, in episode seven, Cooper Howard (Walton Goggins) can be seen reading an issue of "Tesla Science Magazine," which gives players a point toward the "Tesla Science" skill in the games.

Stimpaks, drugs, and food

Stimpaks, drugs, and food
Lucy holding a Stimpak, and a box of Deviled Eggs in "Fallout."      Amazon Prime Video

To put it bluntly, if we listed every single consumable item from the games that pops up in the show, this would be a very long list. But it's safe to say that executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have ensured the "Fallout" TV series is extremely faithful to the world of the games.

The most obvious item that pops up in the premiere is a Stimpak, which Lucy uses to heal herself after a fight in the Vault. These injections are the things that keep players alive in the games, and they function the same way in the show.

The first episode also shows a raider using Jet, a hallucinogenic drug, in the middle of a brawl to give himself the edge over his victims. Meanwhile, other consumables including Nuka-Cola, Sugar Bombs, Deviled Eggs, and Iguana sticks also pop up throughout the series.

Lucy’s brother plays Atomic Command on his Pip-Boy

Lucy’s brother plays Atomic Command on his Pip-Boy
Norm playing Atomic Command on his Pip-Boy in "Fallout."      Amazon Prime Video

All the inhabitants of Vault 33 wear chunky computers on their wrists called Pip-Boys. They are key in the game because they enable players to change their weapons and outfits, and check the map.

In "Fallout 4," players can load tapes they find on the open-world map into their Pip-Boy to play mini-games.

Early on in the first episode of the series, Lucy's brother, Norm MacLean (Moisés Arias) can be seen playing the "Atomic Command" minigame from "Fallout 4" on his Pip-Boy. It's not so different from the real-life "Missile Command" Atari arcade game, where players defend their cities from missiles.

The broken Assaultron robot

The broken Assaultron robot
A broken Assaultron robot buried in the sand in "Fallout."      Amazon Prime Video

When Lucy leaves the safety of Vault 33 to look for her father, she wanders through the sandy wasteland searching for clues as to where the raiders might have taken him. In episode two, she comes across an Assaultron robot that is half-buried in the sand, although luckily for Lucy, the usually violent droid is clearly broken.

The Assaultrons, which can emit a dangerous laser blast from the center of their heads and also attack players with their claws, first show up in "Fallout 4." They were used by the US military during the 2077 Great War, which took place 200 years before the events of the Amazon series.

Maximus carrying the Knight’s bag is just every player hoarding items

Maximus carrying the Knight’s bag is just every player hoarding items
Aaron Moten as Maximus in "Fallout."      Amazon Prime Video

When Brotherhood of Steel member Maximus (Aaron Moten) gets the opportunity to go on a mission, he's assigned as a squire, a type of underling in the game, to a high-ranking soldier, Knight Titus — who stomps around in the hulking set of Power Armor.

Maximus is in charge of maintaining the giant suit, as well as carrying all of Titus' gear and weapons in a huge bag. Maximus isn't wearing any armor that would help him lift all of Titus' weighty gear, which makes it difficult for him to carry it across the wasteland.

But it's exactly what players do in the games when they hoard hundreds of weapons, armor, health items, and bits of junk.

Maximus’ heads-up display

Maximus’ heads-up display
Aaron Moten as Maximus in the power armor in "Fallout.      Amazon Prime Video

Maximus finally gets to step into the T-60 power armor when Titus dies in the second episode.

The young squire proves just how devastating the suit is when fighting The Ghoul (Walton Goggins), a vicious bounty hunter, in the junkyard town of Filly. (It's worth noting that the show takes place on the opposite side of the US to the city of Philadelphia). The show also puts the audience inside the helmet to show what it's like for Maximus while he pilots it.

In front of Maximus' face is a heads-up display showing the state of the armor, as well as his fuel gauges. This is exactly the same layout that players see while they're piloting power armor in the games.

The brahmin

The brahmin
A two-headed cow in "Fallout."      Amazon Prime Video

In the show, Lucy's quest first takes her to Filly. While she's there, a two-headed cow can be seen walking through the streets.

These bizarre bovines called brahmin appear throughout the game where they're used for their meat and leather and are also used as pack animals to carry heavy loads in the postapocalyptic society.

Junk Jet

Junk Jet
Junk Jet gun in "Fallout."      Amazon Prime Video

Players will undoubtedly recognize the various weapons from the games in the TV show, including pipe pistols, laser rifles, and the Brotherhood of Steels' assault rifle. But when Lucy is trying to barter with pawn shop owner Ma June (Dale Dickey) in Filly, there's another iconic weapon on the wall: the Junk Jet.

The bulky weapon appears in "Fallout 4" and "Fallout 76." Players load it up with (you guessed it) junk as ammunition, so it's a handy way of fighting enemies without wasting precious ammo.

As such it's hugely valuable, but it's not surprising Lucy didn't even try to buy it, she had only just taken her first steps into the wasteland after all.

The original 'Fallout' theme

The original
Ella Purnell as Lucy MacLean in "Fallout."      Amazon Prime Video

When Lucy explores a new Vault in episode six, she discovers the history of how postapocalyptic America continued to develop even after the bombs dropped.

While looking at a display of flags in a classroom, the original "Fallout" theme music kicks in. It's a great needle drop, partly because it isn't overused or stuck into a random fight scene. Instead, the show saved it for a poignant moment

The deathclaw skull

The deathclaw skull
A Deathclaw Skull at the end of "Fallout."      Amazon Prime Video

One of the final shots of the series sees Hank MacLean (Kyle MacLachlan) walking up to a monstrous skull with horns curling out of the side. The skull belongs to one of the most terrifying creatures in the entire franchise: a deathclaw.

The hulking reptilian beasts are notorious in the games for their aggression and can kill players very quickly if they're not at a high enough level or if they don't have powerful guns to take the monsters down.

Although the show doesn't introduce a live-action deathclaw, including a skull suggests that fans might see them pop up to terrorize Lucy and her friends in the future if Prime Video gives the go-ahead for season two.

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