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The coolest high-tech moments from U2's Sphere concert in Las Vegas

Jordan Hart   

The coolest high-tech moments from U2's Sphere concert in Las Vegas
  • The Sphere at the Venetian Resort opened with a U2 concert over the weekend.
  • The 18,000 attendees experienced optical illusions and immersive visuals on the huge LED screen.

The Sphere hosted its first concert in Las Vegas over the weekend, and the stunning visuals wowed attendees.

U2 performed there for 18,000 fans on Friday, and their show was accented by The Sphere's wraparound LED screen. The performance was accompanied by optical illusions, realistic sunrises, and more, according to videos from concertgoers.

The venue's LED screen is the largest in the world — with the highest resolution. And the internal visuals blew the minds of attendees, which included Amazon's Jeff Bezos.

Prior to its opening, The Sphere projected giant images on its exterior that went viral online. The orb has displayed a giant basketball, an eyeball, and emojis.

Here are some of its high-tech capabilities that fans were eager to share online after the U2 concert.

The sunrise


So insane in person. Feels like an outdoor concert! @U2 @Sphere #u2 #sphere #spherelasvegas #3d #thesphere #lasvegastiktok #lasvegas #u2uvsphere

♬ original sound - genie

Visuals at the arena included immersive nature scenes and mind-boggling images that were hard to comprehend at times.

Fans entered several virtual worlds as the band played its hits.

Entering the wormhole

Bezos's fiancée Lauren Sanchez shared her perspective in an Instagram reel.

Fans entered a portal made up of birds, butterflies, and other animals over what looked like a reflective water surface.

A trip to the desert

As the sun rose, attendees were transported to the dunes of a desert that featured a black orb similar to The Sphere itself.

Fiery rain

The falling embers looked realistic on the high-resolution dome, but don't be alarmed.

The embers also darted around like shooting stars overhead.

Cubic optical illusions


@U2 went crazy tonight at the opening of @Sphere in Vegas! Jeff Bezos was sitting 10 feet behind me lmao #u2 #sphere #spherelasvegas #3d

♬ original sound - genie

Numbers and letters flashed all over the venue.

For a moment, it appeared the arena had four walls that were closing in on the show.

Whatever this is

The experience became trippy at times, with mind-bending collages and floating orbs all over the floor-to-ceiling screen.

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