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Vera Wang is turning 75 this year. She has no plans to retire.

Amanda Goh   

Vera Wang is turning 75 this year. She has no plans to retire.
  • Vera Wang is turning 75 and plans to continue working.
  • The fashion designer told People she wanted to keep "prodding on" because she still enjoyed creating.

Vera Wang says she won't stop working even as she grows older.

"I think maybe a little bit like Warren Buffett or Queen Elizabeth II, I'm just going to keep prodding on because I feel as though I'm able to do my best work more and more," Wang, who's turning 75 in June, told People.

The fashion designer, who started her business at 40, said she still enjoyed being creative.

"I'm really trying to respect that in me, that voice in me, that I feel very happy to be creating. That's what it's all about, really," Wang said.

After working as a Vogue editor and an accessories designer at Ralph Lauren, Wang opened a bridal boutique in 1990 at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City. Since then, her namesake brand has expanded to include fragrances, jewelry, and homeware.

In May 2021, Wang told CNBC that her work had allowed her "to really have a very full life."

"I think work has been my whole life, and it's kept me honestly relevant, fascinated, passionate, frightened, worried and stressed," she said. "I think the day that I don't want to grow will really be the day that I stop."

Wang is part of a list of celebrities and CEOs who have been vocal about their decisions to continue working even as they get older.

Jay Leno, 73, told Page Six in May last year that he wouldn't stop working "unless I have a stroke."

Clint Eastwood told The Independent in April 2013 that he wanted to continue making films for as long as possible.

"That's always everybody's dream. Wouldn't it be great to be 105 and still making films?" he said. Eastwood turned 93 in May 2023. His last project was "Cry Macho" in 2021, which he directed and starred in, according to his IMDB page.

Warren Buffett, who turned 93 in August, is the oldest CEO of a Fortune 500 company. During a 2015 Fortune summit, the billionaire investor said it would be "crazy" for him to leave his job because he still loved it.

"I'm tap dancing to work every day. There's nothing more exciting than to get there. It doesn't get better than that," Buffett said.

In May last year, Ron Olson, a Berkshire Hathaway board member, told investors that he didn't think Greg Abel would take over as CEO of the company anytime soon, the Associated Press reported.

"Warren is the same way. His energy is amazing. So don't count on Greg taking over tomorrow," Olson said.

More older people are choosing to continue working

About one in five Americans over 65 were employed in 2023, a Pew Research Center analysis found. This is almost a twofold increase compared with 35 years ago.

In a different Pew Research Center survey from 2023, workers who were 65 and older were also more likely to say they were satisfied with their jobs compared with younger workers.

In 2019, about one-third of Americans over 40 who participated in a TD Ameritrade survey said they'd continue working even if they had no financial need. Some of the top reasons included keeping their mind sharp and avoiding boredom.

I. Roy Cohen, a 101-year-old former CEO, previously told Business Insider's Jane Ridley that he continued working until he was 81.

"The idea of early retirement is horrible to me," he said. "It's stultifying."

He also said keeping busy with home-improvement projects and even keeping track of his own finances had helped his mind stay agile.

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